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Transportation Facilities to Traverse Japan

Transportation Facilities to Traverse Japan

Japan, justifiably popular for its well-organized, extensive and efficient transportation system and network; is a commuter’s delight. In this nation, cancelled or late services are almost unheard of authorities take care to maintain schedules to the hilt. However, all these travel related conveniences come to you at a price, it is therefore advisable to look into money saving deals and offers wherever possible.


This island nation is serviced by hundreds of ferry services that ply both between the islands and the various ports on the same island. An excellent means of getting from one place to sightseeing and getting easy options for transporting goods and wares, the ferries in the country are well timed, affordable and properly networked. The routes vary widely : with up to ½-day trips in small ocean liners to two-hour services that ferry locals between adjacent islands, here you find them all.(image by jeff)

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Hitching is usually not recommended in Japan-as in all other countries. The act poses potential risks, especially for the fairer gender and is best avoided. There have been incidences of solitary female hitchhikers being molested, attacked, and raped. If at all you need to hitch a ride, then it is best to travel in pairs, look for families traveling in to nearby town or hitch a ride on expressway services or onramps-they happen to be your best bet.

Long-distance Buses

Boasting of an exhaustive network of long-distance buses, Japan’s ‘highway buses’ come at price tags that are comparable with those offered by normal futs? trains. You may like to book a trip through a travel agency in Japan or buy a Japan Rail Pass (applicable on certain highway buses) at the Green Windows of larger sized Japan Rail (JR) stations. As the storage racks on these  buses are quite small for large backpacks, you may have to stash your possessions in the luggage compartments located underneath the bus.

Car & Motorcycles

Even if you are just mildly adventurous, you will enjoy your driving experiences in Japan. Across the nation, the major streets are signposted in English, driving is much safer than in many other Asian countries and road rules and regulations are generally adhered to. Petrol proves to be expensive, but not prohibitively so. The expressway system in the country is well equipped to take you from one corner of the country to the other, but then it’s not particularly extensive-plan your route before setting out.

Car hire

You are quite likely to find car-rental agencies other companies offering vehicles for self drive clustered around ferry piers and train stations in Japan. In general, the hire rates for small cars range between 6825 to ¥9450 for your 1st day of usage and up to ¥5775 to ¥7875 each day thereafter. Along with the charges on a per day basis, you will also have to pay an insurance cost that may go up to ¥ 1000 per day.


Japanese rail services rank among the best on earth and are frequent, clean, fast, and comfortable.. They range from bullet trains’ or the shinkansen super-expresses to small local lines. (image by Luke Zeme)

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So, are you ready to find your way in and around Japan-the right way!

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