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What Makes NYC Such a Special Destination? Check It Out

What Makes NYC Such a Special Destination? Check It Out

New York City is unanimously one of the world’s global cities and for years, it has been leading the whole world in most aspects ranging from economy, industrial advancement, education, technology and tourism among others. NYC has great tourist attraction sites ranging from museums, zoos, historical sites, wildlife and marine life among others. These tourist attraction sites further have seen the proliferation of a variety of world class hotels that borrow different cultures all meant for you to feel you are home away from home. NYC is also home to many international corporations as the great world stock exchange; it’s also an eminent international political center and also functions the headquarter of great organization like the United Nations. Here are some of the reasons that make NYC so special and a must visit. 

Culture mix from all over the world

Unlike other destinations NYC seems like a breeding ground for all cultures if the world. This is attributed to the many communities with different cultural backgrounds that occupy the larger part of the city. Indigenous NYC residents have not been left behind either; they have come up with American cultural movements that host great shows in various places of the city. Gradually NYC culture has evolved to modern dance from jazz in 1940s, the famous expressionism in 1950s, punk rock, hip hop and beat generation. 

NYC has served as the gate way to the US for many years, this has seen the expansion of airports and ports to some of the massive port structures ever built in the world. This has seen the city receive millions of tourist every year making NYC to be viewed as the gateway to the US. Moreover, rail network is well established and numerous trains get to the city every day, these reliable trains make many opt to get to NYC before they dispatch to their desired destinations (image by DAMMAK Ahmed).


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New York is the Gateway to the USA

Amazing downtown with many stores and entertainment 

NYC downtown stores are a must visit, you are assured to get everything including anything, these stores also have affordable products owing to the ports that are just nearby. Well developed transport networks further facilitate business growth in the town as you can get there irrespective of the time of the day. Entertainment in New York City is not to be overlooked; NYC serves as a vital center for film, music, visual art and theater entertainment. Moreover NYC is home to world celebrate artists who frequently host live performances thus making the city a famous tourist destination. The city also serves as home to some international land national media centers.

Museums and art 

NYC has been home to numerous historic sites and hundreds of cultural institution which are international recognized. The prime of them all is the Metropolitan Museum of Art which is among the few world’s largest art and museum centers that feature American artwork, decorative arts from Asia, ancient Egypt, Rome, Greek, African, Islamic, Byzantine, European as well as modern artwork. There are also the famous Broadway Street  for you to explore (image by PeterJBellis).

Travel far a week - Travel Tales for Travel Lovers World Travel Family Kids World Travel Blog - What Makes NYC Such a Special Destination Broadway street

The famous Broadway street

Amazing outdoor life 

If you are looking for amazing outdoor life, NYC should be your next destination, you will be spoilt for choices, most loved outdoor activities include snowboarding, ice skating, visiting the central park, zoos, hiking trails, canoeing, water surfing, visiting marine parks and national parks among others.

New York has over 28,000 acres of land and a beach linear stretch of twenty two kilometers; this makes the city a favorite tourist destination. Yearly, about 47 million tourists flood the cities; this should give you a good impression of how a New York Vacation is a favorite selection to many. Tourists are attracted to great destinations, museums, landmark buildings and world events. The next time you are planning to go for a vacation check out and be among the 47 million people who prefer to go for a holiday in New York.


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